More EnviuLive!

Some more of the EnviuLive PixelPost-it Art piece done by Juan and I.
It was very interesting to see the Visitors of the party to take
on the role of the Implementers. A second of not paying attention on Juans and
my part lead to a little bit of a mistake, as you can see the yellow in the face
is not the same throughout the piece. This happened because
one of the Guests picked up the wrong yellow (it was very hard to 
keep apart from the other yellow). Tip: for next time choose less similar
colors :D

Here is also the Slideshow that I made for the Greenphone. Somehow 
converting it to .mov swallowed the nice little slide animations but okay
they were not that impressive anyways ;)

Ultimate Greenphone Slideshow EnviuLive! from maximoe on Vimeo.