Flipping through the mag, newest edition teaser.
Outro music by Maximoe. 

Be-Mag Build it Blade it

New Format by Be-Mag, honestly best one
that was ever thought of, in my opinion. 
Intro Music courtesy of Maximoe...

Looking Forward Magazine Beat feature...

Not one of my favorite beats but yeah thats how it goes,
actually most of the time people choose the
stuff you yourself find not so cool.
Well you cant argue taste! 


Wouldnt have thought! But today on the
third day of the release our first Beat tape
has reached over 1000 plays.


I Love This Shit on soundcloud:


Maximoe & Don Monnet - Beats Vol.1 //ILTS0002//

First Don and Max release,
second I Love This Shit release,
strictly Beats, enjoy!

Coal Headwear Video - Lookbook


Pavement Productions


Music by Maximoe


Tasheed at Westblaak

Little edit of Tasheed Zaalman with Api in the background
at Westblaak. By Nabil Spencer. Beat by Maximoe.

Evening Breeze Promo vid Music!

This is a promo video for Evening Breeze Air conditioning
using one of my beats!

And now also embedded on the Evening breeze website. Hit the image for the link.

Over 2000!

Nice! More than 2000 plays!



OS House Awardshow

On June 21st the OS house Awardshow was taking place at the TU Delft.
The Open Source House project facilitated by Enviu is an open source
design competition for a sustainable house that will be realized in Ghana.

The Winners!

The OS house project is the facilitator of the competition and the creator
of the online platform that Architects used to submit and browse submissions,
the open source approach made it possible for architects to share ideas and
take different concepts from other architects and develop the ultimate
sustainable house.

The Awardshow was the pinnacle of this project since it was the public
announcement of which design has made the most impact with the judges.
Not only was this a big event for everyone that was involved in the project
from a designing point of view but also for the organizers of the whole
project this Awardshow promised lots of work, stress but also great rewards
as it turned out to be a great success.

I was involved in the organization of the event and was responsible for
setting up a Twitter wall at the event and broadcasting a Livestream to our
online community.

The Livestream turned out great, just how we anticipated. We made it possible
for the many architects that were from from all parts of the world and that
couldnt attend the awardshow to see it online. There were 170 people watching
during the award ceremony. We had Moscow, Kiev, Valencia, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin,
Beijing, and more watching the stream.

The Twitter wall turned out to be a great conversation starter and showed the innovation
factor of Enviu. A great addition this time was the image link for the twitter fountain. The
Twitter fountain has a Flickr feature. With this feature we were able to stream pictures in
the background of the Fountain.  

Here are some more pictures of the awardshow.

Zombies Rule!

Obviously Ironic, Takao Nakano is using the
one old school movie theme that Tarantino didnt
tackle himself but had Robert Rodriguez direct
in his double feature Grindhouse.

Open Source House Awardshow

I have been asked to set up a Livestream and Twitter wall
of the Open Source House Awardshow for Enviu on the 21st
of June. Here are some videos of su setting up the Event...

OS House Setting up the Awardshow from maximoe on Vimeo.

360 view of the venue

 Boxes Boxes Boxes!!!

NeonGreenLomo Taking the streets!

A NeonGreenLomo is roaming Rotterdam, 
check out the incredible adventures of NGL!

Jean Tinguely aka Terry Gilliam, not really but nearly...

It is not easy to capture the essence of Jean Tinguely´s
work in words or any other medium. You have to confront
one of his super size "metamechanics" in order to to
truly experience the surrealism that he indulges you in.
The closest way to explain how his works affected me
is by comparison to another artist which I have become
somewhat of a fan of, Terry Gilliam. Standing infront of
Tinguelys art works transported me into one of Terry
Gilliams movies...


Camouflaged into its surrounding this tree
ambushed us in Basel, on our way to the
impressive Jean Tinguely museum...

Hudson Mohawke!

British Beatmaker Tonight at Watt for Motel Mozaique!

It was Crazy!!!

Hudson Mohawke Live! from maximoe on Vimeo.

Hudson Mohawke Live at WATT! during Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam...

Hudson Mohawke Live!!! from maximoe on Vimeo.

Hudson Mohawke bringing it at Motel Mozaique

Basel Streetart...


Its the end of the world as "we" know it!
I think Im in Love with Pixels :P

GeĆ¼pload door divisionparis. - Bekijk de laatste uitgelichte muziek video clips.

Basel, Switzerland

I traveled to Basel for some recreational strolling around the city.
A Visual account...

Adidas Rotterdam Flagship Opening Campaign

The creative people at Adidas have come up with an
extraordinary advertising campaign. Adidas has
positioned Oversized Shoeboxes around the city to
advertise for the upcoming opening of the new store.
Not terribly original, I guess its been done before
but Im still glad that Rotterdam is subject to a
campaign that goes out of the ordinary and creates
a buzz, unlike the mainstream generic mess that we
am subject to everyday.


Theo is Back! Well he wasnt really gone I just didnt pay attention...

Theo Watson is back with another nice little project
created with his "Open frameworks" Flash programming
platform. Theo was the creator of the infamous laser
graffiti tested on the KPN building and later featured
in an exhibition in the MOMA, NY. Check this guy out
he is creating what lifestyle/technology journalism
likes to call the future...


Auto - Smiley Project

Auto Smiley - Computer vision smiley generator from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

Laser Tagging: Rotterdam KPN


More EnviuLive!

Some more of the EnviuLive PixelPost-it Art piece done by Juan and I.
It was very interesting to see the Visitors of the party to take
on the role of the Implementers. A second of not paying attention on Juans and
my part lead to a little bit of a mistake, as you can see the yellow in the face
is not the same throughout the piece. This happened because
one of the Guests picked up the wrong yellow (it was very hard to 
keep apart from the other yellow). Tip: for next time choose less similar
colors :D

Here is also the Slideshow that I made for the Greenphone. Somehow 
converting it to .mov swallowed the nice little slide animations but okay
they were not that impressive anyways ;)

Ultimate Greenphone Slideshow EnviuLive! from maximoe on Vimeo.

Enviu InnovatiePlatform Final Presentation



Enviu was commissioned to carry out some research for the
Innovatie Platform Netherlands. The Research Question 
was "How can the Netherlands become one of the top 5 
Knowledge Economies in the world?" 

IP is trying to create a vision that inspires and attracts people to support them.  
Enviu has a young, diverse network from which the IP would like to get input.
Using Social Media is a way to approach different large groups. We want to 
get feedback on the Vision of IP by as many young people as possible so therefore 
social media are applicable. The fact that Social Media played a big part in this 
project made it possible for me to become a part of it as an expert on Social Media.


Get input from young entrepreneurial people on how to make the Netherlands more 
competitive and in the top 5 of ‘knowledge economies’
Mainly qualitative
Maybe 1 poll for some quantitative results

Deadline: 5 March all results must be there.

In order to answer this question and get as much feedback from our 
network as possible we created a social media strategy and planned 
our approach. 

We came up with several approaches to generate ideas and use our 
network to come up with qualitative answers and in the end we 
decided that we would  use a couple of tools: Brainstorms, Webchats,
Blogs, Social Networks.

We approached our network every day to ask questions and engage in a
dialogue, which turned out very well with lots of qualitative answers
and great ideas. This was a little bit unexpected because we were asking
complex questions but we received the answers that we were looking for.

As the Social Media Expert I created a blog that we used to Document
the progress of our Research and took care of the communication on 
our Profiles. See the blog by clicking the pic below:

Due to some feedback and competency issues the blog that I had 
designed changed to something that Enviu had decided to make their 
corporate template, which wasnt communicated to me and heavily
undermined my motivation until I remembered that basically 
internal communication is the great weakness of Enviu and I let 
it slide. Here is the banner that I created for the blog, which was themed
orange (one of Envius colors, now its something else??? 
click the YEWL logo to see). I still do not understand why it was changed
to what it was changed to since the argument of always using the same
is not really valid when it has nothing to do with your other 
visual communication. Whatever!

After these few little miscommunications we approached the big 
physical brainstorm session that we were expecting quite a lot from. For 
this Brainstorm session we invited some heavy hitters in our network and 
created a very easy going, lively but still constructive and critical round.

 For the Brainstorm session we decided to stream it live to the web using a 
web cam chat format. Through this we could stream a video of the brainstorm 
and at the same time converse with the viewers of the brainstorm. In order to get
the viewers to have an active role in the Brainstorm we beamed the image of the 
webcam chat onto a wall and the people in the room were able to see what the online 
community would comment on. 

This is the webcaster of livestream.com

We encountered countless little problems, which all were a result
of a lack of experience. This experience is now gained and will result
in a very interesting follow up session. Points of Improvement:

Equipment: need better camera, better microphone
Planning: make sure to have backup wifi, always have
elect. extension chords, get to know location before hand,
separate roles: technical/content

All in all I am very happy with the experience that i have made
during this project. I have picked up a competency and am confident
that I can carry out this task on a professional level next time
an opportunity like this comes along.