OS House Awardshow

On June 21st the OS house Awardshow was taking place at the TU Delft.
The Open Source House project facilitated by Enviu is an open source
design competition for a sustainable house that will be realized in Ghana.

The Winners!

The OS house project is the facilitator of the competition and the creator
of the online platform that Architects used to submit and browse submissions,
the open source approach made it possible for architects to share ideas and
take different concepts from other architects and develop the ultimate
sustainable house.

The Awardshow was the pinnacle of this project since it was the public
announcement of which design has made the most impact with the judges.
Not only was this a big event for everyone that was involved in the project
from a designing point of view but also for the organizers of the whole
project this Awardshow promised lots of work, stress but also great rewards
as it turned out to be a great success.

I was involved in the organization of the event and was responsible for
setting up a Twitter wall at the event and broadcasting a Livestream to our
online community.

The Livestream turned out great, just how we anticipated. We made it possible
for the many architects that were from from all parts of the world and that
couldnt attend the awardshow to see it online. There were 170 people watching
during the award ceremony. We had Moscow, Kiev, Valencia, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin,
Beijing, and more watching the stream.

The Twitter wall turned out to be a great conversation starter and showed the innovation
factor of Enviu. A great addition this time was the image link for the twitter fountain. The
Twitter fountain has a Flickr feature. With this feature we were able to stream pictures in
the background of the Fountain.  

Here are some more pictures of the awardshow.